Final SSS 10 cards 1 kit (for now)

It’s been a little while since my last post. Sorry, life just doesn’t always allow me to post. I won’t be doing the 10C1K from Simon Says Stamp as I’m not really happy with their customer service. I won’t get into the details and I’m not saying I’m walking away from them permanently. Heidi Crouse seems to be a nice lady, and I understand this is a business but customer service should be #1!

So here is my final(for now) 10 cards 1 kit

Yes, I know there are 13 cards but I had so much fun with the alcohol ink & I wanted to use some of the gift that Kim Mraz of #papersmoochesstamps gave me. She was very generous and I will feature the products in a separate blog post. I think these cards came out great (if I do say so myself!)

A couple other card shares…

This was for my friend/co-worker.

Got a couple of orders, will post soon as well as a Hero Arts 10 cards 1 kit post. For now…Happy Crafting

Nancy Lee

Mickey Gini Paper Crafts


Simon Says Stamp April 2019 card kit…10 cards 1 kit (actually 11 cards, 1 gift card holder, 1 kit)

Yes I know that’s a really long title but it’s how it worked out. I skipped over the limited edition Spring card kit because I only made 3 projects with it so far. I was busy preparing for 2 craft events. (They didn’t go well but that’s another story for another day)

As far as the April kit is concerned, I think I hit it out of the park! The cards are simple but I’m really happy with them. I saved 4 of the patterned papers to frame but I still managed to get 11 cards out of this set. As a matter of fact, I even made one of my famous hershey kiss gift card holders. It’s custom for a friend who requested a thank you for the Realtors selling her house.

Once again I am proud of myself. Now waiting for the May card kit.

Thanks for following me…

Nancy Lee

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Here at St Christopher’s Church trying to sell my cards and baskets and stuff. So far a few looks but no sales. It’s early yet. Hoping to at least make back the money I layed out. Wish me luck.

If you live local, please come visit. You don’t need to be a parishioner to shop!!!

My Challenge to Jennifer Maguire…

I am a crafter on a budget, and although I do buy products from time to time, I have to usually make do with what I have or with gifts from generous friends. It bugs me sometimes when reputable crafters use their blogs and YouTube videos to promote products rather than focusing on the art of the project.

So I put this challenge out to Jennifer Maguire:

Dear Jennifer,
I have a proposition for you.
Challenge: Can you do a technique video where you use basic supplies without selling someone else’s products. Some of us crafters are on budgets and cannot always get the latest releases. I often rely on basics and hand-me-downs to create. I will sometimes incorporate unconventional items(i.e.:plastic from packaging, wraps used around coffee cups, bubble wrap, stickers from Highlights magazine, recycle gift bags etc…) into my projects.
I will do interactive cards without using dies. Can you do this too? The challenge is on!
Sincerely, your crafty friend
Nancy Lee
Mickey Gini Paper Crafts

I don’t know if she’ll accept but I will do the same in an upcoming blog post. For now, I am busy getting ready for a couple of craft sales this weekend. I will be getting back to my monthly 10 cards 1 kit posts soon.


Nancy Lee

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผSpring Has Sprung ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผ

Quick post here. Got my 1st of 3 expected packages today. Eagerly awaiting 2 #simonsaysstamp card kits, This is my #lawnfawn birthday haul (theirs, not mine). I’ve got a local “Eggstraviganza” event in my local park to showcase my work. Going to feature a lot of spring products. My favorite time of year.

So as soon as I receive the 2 card kits, it’s off and running. 2 weeks to prepare! I’ll be back๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน

Quick card share…

As I eagerly await my April 2019 Simon Says Stamp card kit…as well as their limited edition Spring card kit, let me share some recent cards I made. I played with my alcohol inks finally and put a few of the backrounds to use.

A customer of mine also shared some stickers with me after hearing I like to make cards. I made this quick card and I like it because of the color combos but I’m really not a big Mickey Mouse fan. I’m more of a Winnie the Pooh fan!

So hopefully my next post will be 20cards2kits!!! I’ll be back next week!

GBFN (goodbye for now)

Alcohol…inks, not drinks

I’ve been wanting to try alcohol inks for a while. Time and lack of supplies were against me so I held off. It seems a lot of people are using them lately. A friend helped me out and added to my stash of colors so I was able to finally give it a try.

I watched a few dozen videos on YouTube, Jennifer Maguire, Amy Rysavy, Laurel Beard, even Tim Holtz himself. I finally felt confident enough to give them a try.

I started out with the full sized #rangeryupopaper (5×7). I made 5. Took a break for a bit then decided to play some more but wanted to make a few different styles so I cut the rest in 1/2. I watched a few more videos, tried a few more techniques.

My hands are inky and I’m so happy with the results. I think I’m addicted! I may have to buy the alcohol pearls next!

๐Ÿ€WWJMD ๐Ÿ€

This year is starting off kind of slow. Working a lot but still had time to do my 10cards1kit for #SimonSaysStamp’s March card kit “Lucky Rainbow”.

My theme for all these cards to sort of challenge me was WWJMD (what would #JenniferMaguire do). Now I’m not saying they are as good as hers, and technically only 9 are sort of based off her cards, but I think they came out rather good. Maybe now she’ll friend me on Facebook!!

I think my favorite is the ribbon slider card:

The hardest card was the purple shadow box card because I think her measurements were a bit off. In her defense, I did watch the video from my phone…lol. I will be starting some March birthday cards soon as well as some Easter/Passover/Springs projects. If you need anything, please contact me.

Thanks for supporting me,

Nancy Lee

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Ten Cards/One Kit

Hello again๐Ÿ˜† My crafty goal for 2019 is to take the monthly Card kits from #simonsaysstamp and do the often done 10card1kit projects. I know everyone does this but as I’m basically a new blogger, I figured it was a good way to add content to my “story”! I started with January kit and was very proud of myself. It was a good mix of styles and projects (I made a set of tags with the included pieces)

Next was February’s kit, which oddly I found more difficult but got through it. I’m not good with the lovey-dovey cards. I had to add things from my stash just to fluff it up a little. Again I think I did well. My favorite is the pop-up box card which I used the pink wood grain paper as well as the flower stamps to make a sort of flower box. Which do you like?

So now I’m waiting for March which seems to have a rainbow/St Patrick’s day/floral theme. My plan is to steal ideas from #JenniferMaguireInk and incorporate them into the kit contents.

You’ll just have to come back to see them!

Have a great day

Nancy Lee

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Its been a long, harrowing road these past 2yrs. So much has happened. I won’t get into the details but I am back, trying to blog again. It is my goal to be a part of the paped crafting world in a professional capacity. I am about to complete my 1st professional craft job for

than my family and friends. I’m hoping you will all stick by me and support me as I go through this process (blogging & maybe even YouTube-ing).

Thank you everyone